Welcome to the 2018 update of the System Security Circus.

  • The dataset now includes 114 venues and 4590 papers written by 7600 unique authors from 1038 affiliations located in 58 different countries.

  • For the first time in 10 years, the number of papers submitted to the Top4 has decreased. This is quite surprising as it was previously growing faster than linearly. But it happened before in 2008, so let’s wait one more year before trying to draw any conclusion.

  • The number of submissions to the second tier conferences has instead increased significantly in 2018 - which could mean there was a small shift from the top4.

  • 2018 will be remembered as the first year in which the top system security conferences tried to adopt multiple deadlines.
    Oakland moved to a monthly-based and it looks like it was a success (S&P had a large increase in the number of submissions - mostly at the expense of NDSS).
    Obviously, multiple submissions are great for authors. People were worried that it was going to be hard on PC members, but I think it was mostly fine and maybe even better than before (however, I believe it was an absolute nightmare for the chairs).
    For 2019 also CCS and Usenix switched to multiple deadlines, but they adopted a different frequency (respectively four and three per year) to try to find the right balance.
    Did this new model also help to get better reviews.. sadly I do not think so but this is another problem.

  • All the updated graphs

  • The authors table and the table with all the Top4 stats by author

  • The affiliations table (world-wide, EU-only, US-only, and rest of the world).
    Detailed info links to each institution are also available in the tables.

(major version changes when I add new stats or new venues, minor if stats are modified, build number keeps track of typos and spellings mistakes)