Cyber in Sophia Antipolis 2023 - Registration

Registrations are closed now

General Registration Information

The summer school is open to anyone: doctoral students, postdocs, young researchers, and people from private companies.

The school will be fully taught in English. The program will start on Monday July 3dr at 2PM and Finish on Friday 7th after lunch.

Please only register for full registration if you commit to attend the whole event from Monday 2PM to Friday after lunch.

Registration Full/partial

The registrations for this summer school are free and the participants only have to pay for their travel to Sophia Antipolis.

While the registration is free, please register only if you are certain to attend this summer school fully. Specifically for students (including PhD students), we ask for the name of the supervisor who will have to contact us by email (at to confirm your participation in the summer school and that the laboratory will cover the travel expenses. Your registration will be confirmed once we receive this email.

The number of participants is limited, we will keep a waiting list after the registrations are full. Priority will be given to full registration, but we should be able to accommodate a few extra people each day (the partial registrations).

If you only want to attend specific presentations, select “partial registration”, and you will be contacted when the full program will be online to select the days you are attending.


Accommodation is on site, this is a student dormitory, with rooms for 3 people. Please fill out in the form at the bottom if you know some people that you know will register and you would like to share the room with, and also if you have a preference on the kind of room (Pairing people will be done on best effort). If you are not willing to share a room, there are hotels available nearby. In that case, register for “partial registration” and reach out to us.

We also have (TBC) a very limited number of individual rooms at the CIV, but we cannot guarantee their availability yet.


Meals are on-site, self-service and should provide enough options for every diet, if you have very strict/specific requirements let us know.

Registrations closed